Are Your Readers Sensibly Attracted To Your Blog?

Sensible attraction.

This is an outtake from Ty Tribble’s MLM Blog Secrets Part 2 on creating content. He mentioned in the course that even while we are making great content for our business blog, we should still remember our purpose in having a blog in the first place and never lose sight of it.

You see, if your readers are just plainly attracted to you and your great content, then it just becomes simply an admiration, a fleeting infatuation or fancy that doesn’t stay long. Eventually, your content will be drowned in a sea of similar great content all over the Internet. You will then be easily forgotten. A pity, considering the amount of time you spent in coming up with wonderful written pieces! Precious time and effort simply put to waste!

But if you want to optimize your blog to attract the right kind of people, ergo, attract potential business leads; you should go beyond just writing great content. A lethal combination should be a good and fascinating read without derailing yourself from your real purpose.

Makes sense, right?

No wonder great content should not just be “another attraction;” it should be a sensible one with the end-goal of getting business leads.

In addition to sensible attraction, Ty Tribble also talked about other ways we could work on our blog:

Your Content Should Be A Reflection Of Who You Are and Who You Want To Be

We are what we write about. Our content is an echo of our innermost thoughts and feelings. Thus, there should always be a constant striving in being and staying true to ourselves. If it is your aim to be a trusted source of information or adviser, then you should earn your credibility.

Study Other Top Blogs Within Your Niche

There’s really truth to the adage that we should learn from the best. The best blogs possess a formula that works. These are tried-and-tested and sometimes it is really a futile attempt to put a blind eye to it just because others are already doing it. It’s perfectly alright to get better ideas and great tips from others. We are all learning from each other anyway and if they indeed get business leads that way; it should be well worth a try.

These are great ideas that we could all try in making sure we attract the right kind people to the right concept or idea.

It’s Easy to Make Money at Home Using a Blog

The reason for writing this article is twofold. First, to get people to create blogs and secondly to let them know that they can have fun and earn money from the internet managing them too.

Before creating my blog, I knew the medium only as a means for people to share ideas with others. Never did I suspect it could also be used to win money on the internet. I believe there are many people like me out there wondering how to come across money-making opportunities, quite unaware that it is only a mouse click away.

In fact, I am a broker but now I needed a business in which I would combine my three interests of writing, travelling and doing business to make big money on the internet.

Google internet search turned out several results. The first one promised to help me create a website and get lots of money online too. I wasn’t thrilled because I wanted a “regular” business with a supplier. But that part about earning lots of money online hooked me. So I read on. When they demanded payment for the program, I became suspicious. This is because of all those scams on the net. But the guarantee they gave made me decide to give them a try. And I have not regretted ever since.

The program helped me in detailed step-by-step instructions to create a blog centred on the resources (mainly free) to create a blog and on home and online business opportunities. I was pleasantly surprised to find not only many internet money maker programs which are legitimate but also which work.

Since I had done business before, writing and posting business articles on the blog about it proved not only easy but also great fun. This went to prove the adage that one should best write about what one knows. And one thing I knew very well as a broker was promoting a business on Business to Business (B2B) sites. I wrote about it explaining what a B2B site was, where one could find them, how to join, how much they cost (if one decided on the paid option), then listed B2B sites that I use.

Another advice to writers is that with research one could write authoritatively about a subject. This is what I did concerning how to win money on the internet. I had been hooked by an article concerning forty under thirty youths who had become millionaires on the internet. Using their stories I shared with readers ways to open the door to riches on the internet and directed them to sites where they could do so.

But how could readers accede to the treasure-troves of the internet if they didn’t know how to create (free) an income-generating blog (or have one created for them at a manageable cost) and gain money online? Therefore I shared with them useful ideas in this regard as well as links to money making companies on the internet.

So, you decided to create a blog and make huge money online? Good. Resources to do so are largely available and inexpensive too.

Increasing the Number of Subscribers to Your Blog

In your effort to continually share valuable, educational, exciting content, one of the motivating factors is that other people will read what you are sharing and benefit from your expertise. Once you get people to read your blog (and, hopefully, continue to read your blog), your next goal is to start to develop a relationship with them and eventually convert them to clients and get them to share your content with other people.

Understanding the value of your target audience members

When it comes to your business, there are many things that you shouldn’t take for granted. One of those things is the importance of other people not only reading your blog but sharing it as well. With blog writing (or writing any content), your blog subscribers are extremely important. In fact, it is safe to say that they are critical to the success of your business. Without them, you wouldn’t get anywhere at all.

If your content is what it should be and it engages your target audience, the people will read many blogs and you will know about it. A positive result of that is the increase in traffic.

Of course, when you think about traffic, you don’t just want random people to read your blog, you want qualified, appropriate people to read it and share it. The key is to get the people who start reading your blog to continue to read all of the blogs that you share and to tell other people about your blog as well. The question that you may be asking right now is, “How do I do that?” Well, there are some different ways that you can accomplish that.

  • Make sure that your blogs are optimized: If your blogs are optimized, they will appear at the top of the page when a person is searching for what you are offering. It will not require a great deal of effort for you to optimize your blogs and it will be well worth any effort that you make. Another important thing that you will definitely want to include is an effective call-to-action (CTA). You will soon notice that the CTA makes a big difference in how people respond to you and interact with you.

  • Make sure that you give your target audience members the opportunity to opt-in: If you put a box in your website’s landing page, you may be surprised at how much you can increase the number of subscribers you get (or increase). If people like what they are reading, it is not a big leap for them to opt-in to receiving other information that you have to offer on a continuing basis. Many people will be willing to give you a way to contact them. If you happen to have multiple landing pages, you should add the box to each one of them.

  • Offer an incentive for new people: There are many possible incentives that you can offer, such as an eBook, white paper, discount of some sort on your offerings, etc. In general, people love to feel that they are getting something for nothing. It makes them feel special and everyone loves that.

  • Your blog is a stepping stone for the rest of your content: If you do it right, people will be excited about your blog, and they will want to keep reading. The next, logical step after that is that they will want to read other content that you have shared. That is exactly what you want to happen. The more they read, the more they will understand how much valuable knowledge you possess. That is also another wonderful thing to be able to share with other people whom they know and trust.

  • Allow them to subscribe to your blog through your homepage: Since increasing your list of subscribers is so important and website visitors are also vitally important, why not make it really easy and combine the two? If you give your website visitors (and potential subscribers) the opportunity to subscribe to your blog right on your homepage, the chances are that a large number of those visitors will be willing to do just that.


The truth is that you want to increase the number of subscribers of your blog because that benefits your brand/business. Ask your target audience members to give you what you need; however, ask in a very polite way. It is also effective to share other content and offer valuable comments on that content. People will appreciate your insight. As always, it is all in the approach. You should never assume that other people have a responsibility to sign up. They certainly do not. It is their choice, not their obligation.