Are Your Readers Sensibly Attracted To Your Blog?

Sensible attraction.

This is an outtake from Ty Tribble’s MLM Blog Secrets Part 2 on creating content. He mentioned in the course that even while we are making great content for our business blog, we should still remember our purpose in having a blog in the first place and never lose sight of it.

You see, if your readers are just plainly attracted to you and your great content, then it just becomes simply an admiration, a fleeting infatuation or fancy that doesn’t stay long. Eventually, your content will be drowned in a sea of similar great content all over the Internet. You will then be easily forgotten. A pity, considering the amount of time you spent in coming up with wonderful written pieces! Precious time and effort simply put to waste!

But if you want to optimize your blog to attract the right kind of people, ergo, attract potential business leads; you should go beyond just writing great content. A lethal combination should be a good and fascinating read without derailing yourself from your real purpose.

Makes sense, right?

No wonder great content should not just be “another attraction;” it should be a sensible one with the end-goal of getting business leads.

In addition to sensible attraction, Ty Tribble also talked about other ways we could work on our blog:

Your Content Should Be A Reflection Of Who You Are and Who You Want To Be

We are what we write about. Our content is an echo of our innermost thoughts and feelings. Thus, there should always be a constant striving in being and staying true to ourselves. If it is your aim to be a trusted source of information or adviser, then you should earn your credibility.

Study Other Top Blogs Within Your Niche

There’s really truth to the adage that we should learn from the best. The best blogs possess a formula that works. These are tried-and-tested and sometimes it is really a futile attempt to put a blind eye to it just because others are already doing it. It’s perfectly alright to get better ideas and great tips from others. We are all learning from each other anyway and if they indeed get business leads that way; it should be well worth a try.

These are great ideas that we could all try in making sure we attract the right kind people to the right concept or idea.